Dhading, still one of the underdeveloped areas in Nepal, where although it’s located on the border of the Kathmandu zone, has incredible hiking trails and Himalayan views. Many parts are still inaccessible by road and virgin trekking trails can be found all over the Dhading district of Nepal. Explore the beautiful valleys and embark on an adventure with Thirdeye Foundation. Organizing various homestay treks in Nepal, volunteer missions in Nepal, and donations. We focus on the Dhading district in order to help the local communities. Embark on the Chepang Homestay Trek, visit Sidha Lake, discover culture on the Achani Village trek, and do the Ruby Valley Trek. The highlight of Dhading is the entire Ganesh Himal Range with heights above 7,000 meters! Besides the amazing snowy Himalayan peaks, the Dhading area offers us a lot of beautiful valleys and rivers with waterfalls.

The Community of Dhading

The local people of Dhading, are a mix of different castes and creeds. Known for their warm hospitality these local communities suffer from underdevelopment, with their only source of income agriculture. We at the Thirdeye Foundation want to bring life to this amazing area by organizing and supporting Sustainable Treks based on Homestay tours and organizing various volunteering activities in the poor villages This in turn will help the local communities financially and gives you a unique experience while traveling through the valleys of Dhading.

As more than thirty-nine percent of the local communities are considered poor we do recommend bringing some relief or children’s educational items during your visit to Dhading, a small gesture of good can influence somebodies future!

As we try to increase tourism to Dhading, more youngsters can take on the role of guide or porter and in turn help out their families.

The area of Dhading

Being easily recognized on the map, Dhading has a similarity to an army boot if you follow the lines on the map. With four neighbors Kathmandu in the south, Nuwakot to the east, Tibet to the northeast, and Gorka to the east and north, Dhading has a diverse topography. As the elevation spreads out from about 480 meters to 7,400 meters above sea level, there is an incredible variety in the landscape. This makes up for excellent hiking and trekking trails!

Dhading is one of the best places for a rewarding trek in Nepal or to provide a helping hand with our volunteering missions in Dhading.  Have a look at our various projects in this amazing region, organized by the Thirdeye Foundation.

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