A little bit about agriculture in Nepal

Although being a highly elevated country, Nepal’s main economical source besides tourism is agriculture. The lower parts of Nepal are far-stretched flatlands called the Terai region and make for perfect agricultural farmlands, the highlands more to the capital’s side are then ideal for rice-terraced fields. Since ancient times agriculture has been a part of the Nepalese culture and many households still practice animism.

With our exciting Agricultural Volunteer Programs, we want you, our guests to experience the real local aspects of an everyday farmer’s family in Nepal. By staying on a homestay base and learning the cultural aspects of Nepalese farming! The techniques that are being used in soil fertilization, planting, and harvesting are being passed down from generation to generation!

The Third Eye Foundation takes you on a cultural journey in the village of Baseri Dadhing, just West of Kathmandu. Here for a few days depending on your planning you get to stay with a local Nepali family and experience the local lifestyle of everyday Nepalese people in the rural villages. Learn how the ancient techniques work and have a memorable time! With this Agricultural Volunteer Program we at the Third Eye Foundation want to increase awareness of how the local farmers struggle for minimum profits and share their culture with you!

How to join?

Just give us a mail or use the quick contact form and let us know your travel plans so we can include you in one of our groups.

Some additional info about the program

This Agricultural Volunteer Program is hosted in one of the villages of Dhading, so not all modern facilities are available here, please bear in mind that the actual goal of this program is to let you experience the same life as a local Nepali family. Some homestay houses are small and simple and it might be you have to share your room with a local resident, as we stated before it’s all about real-life experiences, not about the luxury.

Many villages in Dhading are already accustomed to foreigners but to respect the culture we ask all volunteers to be mindful of the attire they choose to wear during this program. Keep the planet green, as we are in the rural area we pay attention to any type of garbage we bring along such as plastic packing and bottles.  The Third Eye Foundation has a zero policy against any type of drug use during the program and your stay in Nepal with us. Any of those activities will be reported to the police and can result in a hefty fine and or jail time!

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