The Third Eye Foundation organizes with participants and interns to help and support the villages in Baseri, Nepal. By setting up new Education & Child Care programs and working in our already established programs we can, with your help increase the futures of these children. Baseri, Dhading has near to no access to schools and many children need help at home to support their families, due to this they miss out on a great important part of their development. The Third Eye Foundation works closely with local governments to improve their Education & Child Care programs. The Nepalese government has set up early Education & Child Care centers and advised the rural communities on the importance of these programs, but due to the remote access, natural disasters, and lack of renovating materials this becomes very hard to nearly impossible to manage alone, the Third Eye Foundation believes greatly in the support of these communities so easy access to Education & Child Care is available to every child! Schools are not available in every place in Baseri and so many Nepalese children are forced to grow up without any basic education, basic care, social skills, and educational play materials. The Third Eye Foundation together with you will help the village of Baseri by building local education centers and delivering basic study materials such as pencils, notebooks, etc. Also in our Education & Child Care programs the Third Eye Foundation with your help can create educational classes for the children, Basic English computer classes, and extracurricular activities. This way we also help to develop their international social skills!

The Third Eye Foundation in Nepal organizes various Education & Child Care programs in order to give the children of Nepal basic education and care. For our volunteers who want to stay in the main city of Kathmandu, we work together with governmental schools that can also strongly use your help by providing English language classes and basic computer knowledge. Not only to the children but also to the teachers so that the school becomes more independent in the field of education.

Being responsible the Third Eye Foundation stands strongly for the protection and development of childhood, children’s rights, youths, and equal chances to basic education. That is why Education & Child Care are of great importance, especially in the remote areas of Nepal such as Dhading. Here not every child has the chance to develop. In order to create a strong, healthy community The Third Eye Foundation believes we should focus on the development and education of our children. The Third Eye Foundation has set up healthy relations with the rural communities of Dhading to make them aware of this serious matter. The Third Eye Foundation’s main vision is to empower and develop the remote communities of Dhading to create a basic social system where every child and youth has an equal chance in basic Education & Child Care. In order to achieve this we need your support because together we will make a difference!

Participants that are not able to join in this project but still want to make a difference can always donate financially, to school materials, Internet supplies, and even educational materials such as old computers, etc.

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