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Baseri is a small village in Dhading district in Bagmati Zone. It is a neighboring district to the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. It is also bounded by Rasuwa, Gorkha and Dhading. Among many rural villages, Baseri is one of the rural village of Nepal. Baseri has a small population with about 1196 houses. Although it lies in the borders of the capital of the country, Kathmandu, it lacks even basic facilities. Many parts are still inaccessible by roads and it lacks proper educational facilities and the lifestyle is primitive. Dhading has a diverse topography and a delightful climate. It has peaks over 7000m and it gives a clear view of Ganesh Himal and Manaslu. Dhading also has various opportunities for hiking and trek. Although it has a wide range of opportunity for tourism, the sector is still underdeveloped due to lack of basic infrastructure. The Thirdeye Foundation also works to glorify this rewarding trekking trail in Dhading to amplify developmental works in Dhading and eventually the lifestyle of people. People mostly depend on agriculture for livelihood despite the countless tourism opportunities. Thirdeye foundation seeks to flourish those opportunities for the development of children and women. This can also help to reduce the number of youths flying to gulf countries in search of employment and creating opportunities for themselves and others through development of Sustainable Treks based on Homestay tours and organizing various volunteering activities in the poor villagesWe can help to uplift the economy of people in Baseri and in turn receive serene travelling experience by promoting small tourism industry.TEF is also looking forward to provide quality education to people in Baseri by sponsoring a qualified teacher in the government school of the village. The schools in Baseri lack qualified teacher which has degraded the quality of the institution hence, TEF welcomes sponsors to sponsor a teacher for an academic year with 250$ per month. Women can play a very important role in development of Baseri. Most of the young men are in gulf countries in search of employment opportunities and village population consists mostly of women, children and old people. We aim to empower women and uplift the lifestyle of people by providing them various kinds of trainings and workshop. Thirdeye Foundation has been providing trainings regarding sewing to the women. They are provided with the resources and training to be self dependent and boost their economic status. They have also been provided with trainings to utilize the resources and make pickles using local organic products. This will help to uplift the economic status and empower women in Baseri. We are also looking forward to organize various workshops and trainings for women empowerment. We truly believe that we can together work to provide a meaningful life to people in Baseri and a hopeful future to the children in Baseri.

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