Third Eye Foundation is a non-profitable social organization made for the further development of the country. Third Eye Foundation has been implementing several projects and many of them are in collaboration with donors inside friends circle and  U Mission for Peace organization from Malaysia. Among others health campaign program was also launched and completed with the help of the U Mission for Peace organization. The cooperatives are helping the rural to have access to capital needed for their rural endeavor.

Third Eye Foundation provides the possible quality of primary care in remote areas that have no well-functioning services, by supporting existing governmental health centers with improved buildings, needed equipment and medicines, and experienced staff. Thus, Third Eye Foundation has implemented a Health Campaign program in remote areas of Gorkha, Nuwakot, and Kavreplanchowk.

The responsibilities of Third Eye Foundation health workers include health education and awareness campaigns, family planning and maternal and child health activities, and treatment of the most common health problems. The team performs the role of GPs (General practitioners). They treat their general health checkup and free distribution of medicine. The foundation also commends the hospitals for those who suffered from deadly diseases free of cost.

The majority of remote villages people are uneducated and they are totally unaware of their health. They even did not know the cause of normal sickness and the use of medicine so, they used to follow the traditional way of health treatment and there are several examples of fatal consequences brought by this traditional way of health treatment. Third Eye Foundation wants to mark this health problem through health campaign programs.

Through this health campaign, thousands of people can directly be benefited. It is a self-satisfying work too. We are fully cooperative to make the health campaign program successful.

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