The Third Eye Foundation strongly believes in responsible volunteering! The reason the foundation started was for the benefit of the local people and communities. We want to aid them economically, culturally, and medically. As so we want all our volunteers to act in a respectful way to all the people we come in contact with and leave as less impact on the environment as possible. Whether we visit temples, schools, orphanages, etc. We try to let you experience the most of this unique way of interacting with the locals. This way you get to see firsthand Nepal’s vast diversity and ethnical groups.

With responsible volunteering our volunteers get that authentic Nepali feeling while doing any of our projects. The Third Eye Foundation takes you on a cultural journey and is sure to inform you about all the traditions and habits of the local people for perfect integration.

How to do Responsible Volunteering

Language: wherever you go in the world, it’s always a good idea to understand the locals or have a way of basic communication. The Third Eye Foundation’s volunteer leaders are all local people and are there to help you communicate every step of the way. But learning some simple words and their meaning will be greatly appreciated by the locals and can open a lot of doors for new friendships!

Here are four basic words we at the Third Eye Foundation find important for you to know before visiting Nepal.

Nepali                                          English

Namaste                                         A greeting (can be used as farewell also)

Dandeyabad                                  Thank you

Subha Rati                                     Good evening

Subha din                                       Good day

Research: a great way to learn about the local traditions and culture of the place you wish to volunteer in, is to do the proper research in advance. Through the net, articles, books, and even by inquiring us at the Third Eye Foundation. You can do a lot of research in advance to better prepare yourself and to respect the local traditions more. This will help you a lot in settling in a responsible way!

Respect the local customs: the Third Eye Foundation will guide you through the local customs of the designated area of volunteering. From local formalities, and dress codes to general etiquette we cover the basics. That way our volunteers are prepared to the best for an even more enjoyable experience!

Buy local: although most products can be found in Kathmandu the capital the Third Eye Foundation encourages all our volunteers to support sustainable tourism and buy local products from the volunteering place. This helps the local communities a lot in a financial way and is a great way to support the development of the communities!

Keep it Green: as we visit some rural villages, waste disposal facilities become scarce and it’s always easy to throw away any type of small waste. We at the Third Eye Foundation want to keep it green! As so we recommend depositing your waste in a waste disposal bag that we can bring with us. Don’t buy plastic bottles but rather use personal drink bottles. Respect nature and nature respects you!

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